Individual licence

This is the most commonly used license.

It is suitable for projects involving the export of physical or intangible goods, technologies and services, including:

  • Dual-use items
  • Items covered by a sanctions regulation
  • Items covered by a national regulatory initiative
  • Items covered by individual measures (the so-called "catch-all" clause)

A licence allows a specific exporter to carry out the operation described therein (one or more goods exported to a recipient or end-user in a non-EU country).

It is valid for two years from the date of issue and may be extended during the period of validity following a substantiated request for a total period that shall not extend beyond six months after the initial period.

The application procedures are described on the page "Documents to be provided and procedures by type of authorisation" (French only).

The average time for issuing an individual licence is roughly one month from receipt of the attestation of admissibility for applications that are neither particularly complex nor sensitive.

The investigation process for individual licenses is as follows:



Download the text version of the infographics on the instruction process for individual licences

Edited on 21/09/2020