National general export authorisations

National General Export Authorisations allow for the export of one or more types of items to specific countries or under specific export scenarios.

There are currently 7 licences of this type for the following cases:

  • Aeronautical equipment
  • Dual-use goods for French armed forces
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Industrial goods
  • Chemical products
  • Biological products
  • Graphite

Their scope is detailed in the Orders relating to each category (see Regulations page).

When applying, exporters are obliged to comply with the export conditions laid down in each licence. A half-yearly summary statement of exports carried out (known as "Reporting") must be provided to the SBDU. On the other hand, allowable exports may be carried out without limitation as to value or quantity and without requesting an authorisation specific to an operation or a recipient.

National General Export Authorisations are valid for one year and are tacitly renewable (without intervention from the exporter or the SBDU). They are not transferable and must be renewed in the event of a change in the exporter's company details (EORI number, company name, address). These authorisations are easier to request and faster to obtain, and are preferable to individual licenses whenever possible.

The application procedures are described on the page "Documents to be provided and procedures by type of authorisation" (French only).

Edited on 22/06/2021