Union general export authorisations

Regulation No. 2021/821, as amended, provides for eight different General Export Authorisations, facilitating certain exports :

  • Exports of certain dual-use items to certain destinations (EU001, EU002, EU005 and EU006)
  • Export after repair/replacement (EU003)
  • Temporary export for exhibition or fair (EU004)
  • Intra-group export of software and technology (EU007)

These authorisations are detailed in Annexes IIA to IIH of the Regulation.

The issue of these authorisations is not linked to a specific transaction, and the exporter is responsible for their use under the conditions provided for by European and national regulations. These authorisations are easier to request and faster to obtain, and are preferable to individual licenses whenever possible.

A half-yearly summary statement of exports carried out (known as "Reporting") must be provided to the SBDU.

Union General Export Authorisations are valid for an unlimited period of time. They are not transferable and must be renewed in the event of a change in the exporter's company details (EORI number, name, address).

The application procedures are described on the page "Documents to be provided and procedures by type of authorisation" (French only).

The processing time for General Export Authorisations is approximately a few days for a license requested using Egide, and about ten days for requests submitted via a non-paperless channel.

Edited on 30/11/2021