What type of licence?

The Dual-Use Goods Department issues various types of licences.

Union General Export Authorisation

The use of Union General Export Authorisations is preferable wherever possible. They allow certain dual-use items to be exported to certain destinations without limitation as to quantity and duration, facilitate re-exports following repair and temporary exports for exhibitions and fairs of certain dual-use items to certain destinations.

To find out if your export is eligible for this type of authorisation, you must know the classification item number of your property and its destination. In the case of re-exports following repair and temporary exports for exhibitions and fairs, the reason for export is also to be taken into account.

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National General Export Authorisations

Similar to Union General Export Authorisations, National General Export Authorisations allow certain goods to be exported to specific destinations under certain conditions.

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Individual licences

This is the most commonly-used licence for exports that are not covered under Union General Export Authorisations and National General Export Authorisations. It allows exports of the requested quantities and values of goods to a destination or end user over a two-year period.

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Global Licence

For companies with a robust internal compliance programme, particularly for flows known to the SBDU, this type of licence, which is issued at the SBDU's discretion, allows requested goods to be exported for two years to stipulated recipients and destinations, without any limits as to quantity or value. The SBDU can be consulted upstream to assess the project's feasibility.

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Brokerage licence

These are required under certain sanctions regulations or by individual decision of the SBDU, which is notified to the broker.

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International Import Certificate and Delivery Verification Certificate

Imports of dual-use items are not subject to controls. Nevertheless, a foreign supplier may request such documentation from its French customer should the authorities in its country so require.

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Edited on 22/06/2021